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Furnishing the industrial facilities of our clients with durable & reliable Concrete Test Equipment and Soil Test Equipment having rugged construction and high operational speed...

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Industrial equipment, can a business imagine the accomplishment of their goals without the help of these. The most important for a company is to make sure that it is backed with best quality fabrication machines and testing equipment so that the customers are delivered with flawless product. Understanding the needs of a diverse group of industries, we, Maruti Sagar Engineering decided to bring forth a wide collection of construction, testing, surveying Instruments and numerous other industrial machines that delivers efficient performance.

Why Us?

Before we entered this business field, varied manufacturers used to face dilemma regarding the selection of right equipment and machinery for their infrastructural unit. Some dealers used to offer quality but their solutions were expensive, the suppliers who offered affordable machines did not matched the essential quality standards.
Concrete Mixer - Laboratory Type
Concrete Mixer - Laboratory Type is widely utilized in the construction sectors for homogeneously mixing various aggregates such as sand, concrete and gravel etc. It revolves uniformly at the speed of 20-22 RPM and produce a mixture of appropriate consistency. This Concrete Mixer - Laboratory Type is equipped with the highly efficient motor that ensure its excellent working capacity. This mixer can tilt at a suitable angle to deliver the easy discharge. Also, it has wheels at the bottom which allow its easy movement and installations.
Lateral Extensometer
Lateral Extensometer is specifically designed to provide the better solutions for the accurate determination of lateral extension of 15 cm dia x 30 cm high cement concrete cylinders during their testing in compression. It is furnished with the two movable frames at one end and a dial gauge. Dial gauge works for the measurement of lateral extension with the help of a removable spacer strip that makes initial settings. This Lateral Extensometer is highly efficient and serves excellent working performances for a highly durable life span.
Accelerated Curing Tank
Accelerated Curing Tank finds various uses in prefabrication industries. Its main function is to early age strength of concrete by maintaining an adequate temperature and and moisture in a newly cast cement. Accelerated Curing Tank is also also suitable for the installation of heater, pumps, drain valves, thermostat and recirculation pumps in compartment at one end of the tank. It also ensure the supreme quality of concrete by preventing the moisture loss from it. This product is highly time and energy efficient.
Maruti Sagar Engineering is a prominent enterprise dealing in an effective working Dumpy Level. It is an optical device that is widely utilized for verifying points in the same horizontal plane.
Our organization is indulge in providing a well-structured Digital Theodolite to customers from all across the world. It is an advanced engineering instrument that help to measure both vertical as well as horizontal angles.
We are providing our clients an impressively working Automatic Levels. It is extensively utilized in construction and surveying for measuring the differences in height and also for transferring, measuring and setting heights of known objects.

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